Hieros Gamos Radio – Episode 2 – Tobias Churton

The local Tasmanian OTO body began producing the Hieros Gamos Radio Podcast in 2017. Over the next few weeks, we’ll revisit some of the best episodes of Season One. We hope you enjoy these fascinating interviews with the illuminating guests of the podcast. Tobias Churton is a British scholar of Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Gnosticism, and other … Read more

A new edition of Book Four Parts I-III (Liber ABA) (Italian)

The Italian OTO Grand Lodge has published a new edition of Book Four Parts I-III (I) – with Part IV to be published later this year. This is a revised official publication, edited by the Frater Superior Hymenaeus Beta. It’s a significant development in our translation work. Sister Federica, the recently appointed Initiation Secretary General … Read more

A New Acquisition for the Grand Lodge Archives – The English Review

By Frater O.I.P. The Australian Grand Lodge recently acquired two editions of the English literary magazine, The English Review, with both featuring contributions by Aleister Crowley. Our Grand Master Shiva X° has donated the items to our archives. One includes Crowley’s “Art in America”, which was described by Tobias Churton to have, ‘surged through the … Read more

Australia: the land of sun worshippers – Part IV

The OTO Living in the Sunlight meditation Grand Master Shiva X° In parts I – III on Liber Resh I made occasional reference to a meditation practice called “Living in the Sunlight.” Up until we revived this practice in Australia in 2018, few people had ever heard of it. The Sunlight meditation is only mentioned … Read more

Australia: the land of sun worshippers – Part III

Liber Resh for everyone! Grand Master Shiva X° In the third part of this series I’ll turn to Liber Resh meditation. This is the third part of Resh, after invocation and adoration. In Book Four Part One, Crowley defines meditation as “the way of attainment of genius or godhead considered as a development of the … Read more

Australia: the land of sun worshippers – Part II

Liber Resh for everyone! Grand Master Shiva X° In Part One I pointed out that there were a few variations to the performance of Liber Resh. For example, Crowley annotated his own manuscript and published copies of it with alternative Egyptian solar deities, and he wrote in Magick Without Tears that “there is another version … Read more

Australia: the land of sun worshippers

Liber Resh for everyone! Part I Grand Master Shiva X° The solar adorations of Thelema, known as Liber Resh, are a rite from the initiatic Order A∴A∴, who OTO Grand Lodge works closely with. In Liber Resh, a ritual composed by Aleister Crowley, at 4 times during the day (dawn, noon, sunset and midnight) the … Read more

Soldiers of Freedom

In 2018 OTO Australia formed the OTO AUGL Soldiers of Freedom Fund, a charitable arm of Grand Lodge designed to serve returned members of the armed forces in Australia. Freedom does not come free. It always has a cost, on the warrior, families and communities. Donations to the AUGL Soldiers of Freedom Fund will be … Read more

OTO and Dark Mofo

Dark Mofo held in Tasmania each Winter has fast become the most exciting and well attended arts, music and culture festival in the Southern Hemisphere. OTO Australia has a long running relationship with the festival culminating in an OTO heavy presence in 2018’s Invisible House Showcase. This ground-breaking cross media program featured work by Barry … Read more

The Best of OZ

After 13 years and 50 Issues, OTO Grand Lodge of Australia is making its member-only OZ magazine available to the public in this best of compilation. Inspiring and provocative, OZ chronicles the birth and early development of the Australian Grand Lodge experiment in thought leadership, scholarship, culture and magical design. Includes essays by Grand Master … Read more