Grand Lodge of Australia


The new Aeon is the worship of the spiritual made one with the material, of Horus, of the Child, of the Future.

The Equinox of the Gods

Ordo Templi Orientis Australia is dedicated to securing the Liberty of the Individual through the discovery, expression and celebration of their true nature.

We welcome all men and all women to join us in this important work of personal and social transformation.

Ordo Templi Orientis trains you in the way of Light, Life, Love and Liberty by progressive initiation and celebrates its Mystery in the Mass of our Gnostic Catholic Church.

OTO Gateways

Four Portals of our Temple

OTO trains you in Light Life Love and Liberty by progressive initiation. We also celebrate Light Life Love and Liberty in our Mass of the OTO Gnostic Catholic Church. OTO trains our clergy. Through either or both pathways, you can learn and rejoice in the inner workings of the natural and spiritual worlds.

We teach you to appreciate and achieve this progressively, realistically and sustainably. We welcome all men and women to join us in this work of personal and social transformation – to discover our true natures and co-create a world where that discovery is open to all. 



Our wholeness program of Initiation instructs and confers Magical Secrets that can make you a Master of Life.

Move beyond your patterned past and prescribed future into the presence of your true nature. Let its Light initiate new ways of thinking, being, doing and going. Achieve Mastery with our mindset and toolkit. 

Through our rituals of initiation OTO gives you the tools to become a Master of Life.


Transformation – Service
In True Things, all are but images one of another; man is but a map of the universe, and Society is but the same on a larger scale. With us Government is Service, and nothing else.

The Constitution and Government of OTO balances monarchy with democracy; it includes aristocracy, and conceals even the seeds of revolution. Gather up all the threads of your life’s passion and interest, and weave them into an harmonious tapestry of self and organisational transformation.


Celebration – Vocation
The world needs religion. Religion must represent Truth, and celebrate it. This truth is of two orders: one, concerning Nature external to humankind; two, concerning Nature internal to humankind.

Our church of the new time, the Gnostic Catholic Church, celebrates both. Join us in celebration of Thou that art One, our Lord in the Universe the Sun, our Lord in ourselves. Our Mass, while adhering to the vital elements of the most ancient true tradition, fixes its attention on, and its aims most truly in, the Future.

The priestess must now function as well as the priest. Members with vocation may join our Clergy.


Liberation – Leadership

Join change makers from all over Australia in our shared values of Peace, Tolerance and Truth. Discover personal freedom and liberty, and acquire for yourself the wit and skill required to overcome your own limitations.

Connect our life and leadership skills and strategies with your own personal and professional background, creating impact. We encourage those with aptitude and enough experience with us to take on leadership roles, serving humanity and learning even more about our unique OTO experience design.