Being a dynamic social laboratory Ordo Templi Orientis has produced many creative publications. Most of these are currently out of print and dear as poison!

In 2020 e.v., OTO Australia quietly launched a publishing imprint “In Perpetuity Publishing” to ensure continuity of publications for future generations. New printing technologies allow inexpensive reprints of our previous projects, making them accessible and affordable to scholars and the simply curious for all time to come. Our Research page has more information about current projects.

Currently Available

The Legend of Aleister Crowley

In Perpetuity Publishing (Australia) / September 2021 e.v. / ISBN 978-0645103939

This facsimile edition of P. R. Stephensen’s 1930 broadside against the ‘Campaign of Personal Vilification Unparalleled in Literary History’ arrives in 2021 as the mainstream media thrashes in its death throes. Quality digital scans of the original book, never before published material from the Australian OTO archives, as well as a new essay examining the politics of conspiracy and the pathologies of Fake News, make this an indispensable case study of media malfeasance and moral panic.

Some years ago, Crowley was selected by the scavengers of the gutter press as an object for the most neurotic, viperous, and blackguardly ad hominem “campaign” ever waged, even in the disgusting history of British sensational journalism.

From the previously unpublished Introduction
P.R. Stephensen

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Ora et Labora – An OTO Research Journal

In Perpetuity Publishing (Australia) / March 2021 e.v. / ISBN 978-0645103908 and 978-0645103915

Distributed across two volumes, Ora Et Labora features new research, and previously difficult to obtain essays from Italy, Australia, Poland, USA, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Austria, Japan, Sweden and India.

“Today, the Order boasts a worldwide community of scholar-practitioners looking into the theory, practice, worship, antecedents, ethics and morality of Thelema, together with OTO constitutional design, as well as its ecclesiastical and magical practice”

Shiva X° (from the Preface)

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Best of OZ

Ordo Templi Orientis (Australia) / March 2020 e.v. / ISBN 9780646815770

After 13 years and 50 Issues, OTO Grand Lodge of Australia is making its member-only OZ magazine available to the public in this best of compilation. Inspiring and provocative, OZ chronicles the birth and early development of the Australian Grand Lodge experiment in thought leadership, scholarship, culture and magical design.

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Past Produced Publications

The Waratah 1

Waratah Press / 1996

Waratah 2 – Oceanic Currents

House 418 / 2004 / ISSN 013229389

A beautifully produced and illustrated journal produced by members of the Oceania Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis. Much of the text and art work is by former Lodge Master Barry Hale, whose work has since appeared in Fulgur publications. The journal includes details of magical workings, art, prose, and poetry.

Logos Mantram Magic

Helios Books / 2005

Dr. Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (1876-1949) was a seminal figure in early twentieth century western esotercism. A Rosicrucian mystic, occultist and healer, Krumm-Heller was a student of Theodor Reuss, ‘Papus’, and Aleister Crowley, amongst others, and worked tirelessly throughout Central and South America opening Rosicrucian lodges of the organization he founded, the Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua (F.R.A.). Logos Mantram Magic, first published in Spanish in 1930, records Krumm-Heller’s ‘logos’ teachings on mantra, vibration, astral travel and communication with celestial beings. This is the first English translation.

This edition was prepared in Sydney, Australia, by Dr Kumm-Heller’s son, Parsival Krumm-Heller and Stephen J. King, in association with Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) Australia.

Legend of Aleister Crowley

Helios Books and Ordo Templi Orientis (Australia) / 2007 / ISBN 0975773399

Originally published by the Mandrake Press in 1930, this is the first modern edition authorized by the Stephensen estate and makes substantial use of surviving Stephensen papers from the period.

Stephensen would describe The Legend of Aleister Crowley as both a “short literary biography” and “a study of the documentary evidence relating to a campaign of personal vilification unparalleled in literary history.”

This new edition includes the first publication of the opening “Epistle” that was suppressed from the first edition as being too risky. It comes with a comprehensive introductory narrative by Stephen J. King, a senior member of the Australian O.T.O., which provides the background to The Legend, and examines the press campaigns against Crowley, the history of the Mandrake Press, the Stephensen/Crowley collaboration, and Stephensen’s ongoing association with Crowley’s colleagues Karl Germer, Gerald Yorke and Israel Regardie after Crowley’s death.

Also included is a collection of Aleister Crowley’s autobiographical newspaper articles, 1933-35.

This new edition makes available an important if often overlooked book—the only biography written during Crowley’s life that addressed his character and the press campaigns against him.

New edition in production by In Perpetuity Publishing for 2021 e.v.

Waratah 3 – Star Building

House 418 / 2006 / ISSN 13229389

A beautifully presented journal, produced by House 418, the publishing arm of the O.T.O. in Australia. It includes ten essays centered around the OTO, magick and Thelema, eight of which were written by Frater Numa, a major figure in the development of the O.T.O. in Australia, and one each by Fratres Soma 156 and Baltan