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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Living In the Sunlight by Steve King (Australia’s national Grand Master Shiva X°) was released on the 21st of September, and it is now available on online retailers:

You will need to search for the ISBN number on local Amazon sites (i.e: CA, DE) and other online retailers:

  • Living in the Sunlight: ISBN 978-0645103946

We consider this to be an extremely important book, and are thrilled to be bringing it to you all!

The Grand Master Shiva X° (Ordo Templi Orientis, Grand Lodge of Australia) has previously written a blog post on the Living in the Sunlight practice, which should give you some insight into this practice.

Living in the Sunlight: Making a Forgotten Meditation an Atomic Habit

In several short and concise chapters, readers are given the history, theory, and practice of a long-forgotten meditation practice developed by Jeanne Robert Foster (Soror Hilarion) which Aleister Crowley and Charles Stansfeld Jones assiduously practiced.

“She taught it to me, and from that my whole life has been transfigured.”

Aleister Crowley

Now, 100 years later, this deceptively simple but revolutionary meditation practice is available to everyone.

“This book, and the method of putting it into practice, is rooted in a most radical idea, that the point of life is joy.”

Gordan Djurdjevic (from the back cover endorsement)

As ever, we are extremely grateful for your support and for your spontaneous guerrilla sharing campaigns on social media. You’ve all been instrumental in getting the word out there!

Enjoy the sunlight!

Love is the law, love under will.