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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Last year we started our publication kick-off with Best of OZ, which has continued to be popular, copies being bought regularly.

In the meantime, we have been working on other publications, they all have their own websites with details, and a signup form will give you a sample from the publication. All are part of the same notification list, so if you visit each site, you won’t be double subscribed to anything.

The Legend of Aleister Crowley

Our publication of The Legend of Aleister Crowley is being finalised. It is a little bit delayed, having been advertised for a publication in 2020 e.v. in the back pages of our previous publication Best of OZ. With the general oddness of this whole year, and new material emerging for inclusion in the publication, the project time-line has been delayed: But we are in the home stretch now.

The final publication will be a facsimile of the original 1930 edition. It’ll be affordable, as the work itself is an important study on how the media can be abused.

Included with it will be:

  • A new thought-provoking introduction by the Grand Secretary General of the Grand Lodge of Australia.   
  • The original P.R. Stephensen introduction restored from the Warburg archives   
  • Stephensen’s “Epistle Dedicatory”, which was removed from the original edition for legal reasons (and reappeared in the 2007 scholarly edition)   
  • Some additional material that is being worked through now

Ora et Labora

We are happy to announce the upcoming publication Ora et Labora : An OTO Research Journal. And it will be available from all online retailers from 20th March, 2021 e.v.

Distributed across two volumes, Ora Et Labora features new research, and previously difficult to obtain essays from Italy, Australia, Poland, USA, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Austria, Japan, Sweden and India.

The best way to give a sense of the two volumes, is to take a quote from the Preface, which was written by the Grand Master Shiva X°:

“Since the foundation of the Oriental Templar Order (OTO), our ‘Academia Masonica’ has voluminously published its research, typically covering its traditional curricula in the hermetic sciences and related disciplines such as magic, the yogas, neo-gnosticism and theosophical masonry. If anything, this process was democratised with the Order’s acceptance of the Law of Thelema, with more and more members writing about the new Law and OTO’s constitutional alignment to it, in efforts of promulgation. Today, the Order boasts a worldwide community of scholar-practitioners looking into the theory, practice, worship, antecedents, ethics and morality of Thelema, together with OTO constitutional design, as well as its ecclesiastical and magical practice. Together they celebrate and inculcate the Order’s transformation from masonic to magical Order. The pedagogy behind this research academy and social laboratory I have called “Social Scientific Illuminism.” The Oriental Templar universe of discourse is diverse, with research interests and methods not always expressed in the formal conventions of the Academy, or finding acceptance in the often contrived and compromised academic invention of ‘western esoteric’ studies. There is no readily definable “Thelemic scholarship,” or an OTO one. What we have though, around the globe, is something really exciting going on. The authors in these two volumes of Ora et Labora are a snapshot of this new OTO thought leadership.”

We are officially launching Ora Et Labora on the weekend of the Equinox, with two live virtual events featuring lectures and Q&A with some of the journal’s contributing authors. We’ll be releasing places for those in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, here is a preview of the contents of this exciting research journal!

Vol I

  • In the Weaves of the Order – Frater Phanes X°
  • Typology of Will in writings of Aleister Crowley, Meister Eckhart and Carl Gustav Jung – Krzysztof Azarewicz
  • An Analysis of Liber Librae – Frater V.I.A.
  • When meditation goes bad – Cynthia Crosse
  • Health in Thelema: The Stone of the Wise & The Holy Guardian Angel – Shawn Gray
  • Eros daimon mediator and Electoral College – Frater Ιαω Σαβαω
  • On the Epiclesis – Michael Kolson
  • Secret Light: Reflections on the Rosy Cross – Tau Nektarios
  • Eucharist: From Self to God – Padraig MacIain
  • The Proof is in the Pudding – Marko Milenovic
  • Baphomet – Frater O.I.P.

Vol II

  • Āmi Satya: Hallaj, Crowley, and the Baul Fakirs of Bengal – Keith Cantú
  • Carl Kellner – Patrizia Ebner
  • Freemasonry, the OTO, and Crowley – Robert Koole
  • Aleister Crowley: a K2 Letter – Clint Warren
  • The Spiritual Heritage from Egypt – Pontus Lindqvist
  • Notes towards a preliminary analysis of a peculiar motif in the Stele of Ankh-af-na-khonsu – Rev. Cosmé Hallelujah
  • The Birth of the New Aeon: Magick And Mysticism of Thelema from the Perspective of Postmodern A/Theology – Gordan Djurdjevic
  • Crowley, Conspiracy, Moral Panic and the Media – Brendan Walls
  • The Will of the Aeon – Frater A.B.H.S.

Love is the law, love under will.